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Ultra-Trail Australia 100:
100km # 8

Fast forward another week and this time I’m at the Ultra Trail Australia (UTA) start line with Dr Andrew Stanley in Katoomba, the Blue Mountains, NSW. I’d originally entered the UTA in 2020 but covid intervened and flooding/landslides affected the rescheduled 2022 event so this start line was three years in the making. The first ... read more.

Taupo Ultramarathon 100km:
100km # 7

The Taupo Ultramarathon 100km had been postponed from October 2021 to December 2021 until it was finally cancelled due to Covid. So when the 2022 edition neared, I was unsure whether to bypass the event completely, postpone for another year, or just do it. I’d already paid the $400 entry fee but there is no ... read more.

Taupo Ultramarathon 100km:
100km # 6

The Taupo Ultramarathon 100km run was an opportunity to experience the Great Lake Trail around Lake Taupo. Lake Taupo is New Zealand’s largest freshwater lake and has a perimeter of approximately 193 km. Much of the 100km run is around the western shores of the lake and utilises the popular Kawakawa Bay to Kinloch (K2K) ... read more.

Ultra Trail Australia (UTA) 100KM:
100km # 5

It is fitting that my first blog happens to involve a distance I would’ve never thought was possible. The 100km run wouldn’t top my list of runs to do. It took me 30 marathons to have the courage to run my first 100km – the Tarawera Ultramarathon in 2010. The seeds of which were probably ... read more.